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•   Harvey Beasley (1966)  10/13
•   Wilbert Rogers (1965)  10/13
•   Emma Smith (Hardaway) (1970)  10/19
•   Dorothy Curtis (Robinson) (1970)  10/20
•   Sarah Thomas (Cook) (1957)  10/23
•   Jewel Dean Woodson (Kibble) (1970)  10/26
•   Matthew Cathern (1959)  11/11

Mildred Jackson High School
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  Welcome to the Mildred Jackson High Alumni website! 

MJHS 21st Century, Inc. is a non profit organization committed to providing economic, social and wellness support to underprivileged communities.  Tax deductible donations are welcomed at P. O. Box 9084,  Memphis, TN 38109.

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MJHS 2011 Reunion Volunteers and Memory Makers

Naomi Dubois Clayborn – served as Vice President of the Alumni and worked tirelessly in a number of other capacities.  She co-chaired the committee responsible for planning the 2011 Banquet and made sure we had food, beverage and proper nourishment at all of our scheduled meetings.  Her wisdom, leadership and mothering support kept us going.

Erma Jones – served as Secretary for the 2009/2011 term and committed her talents and support to the organization in several different roles.  She also co-chaired the committee that planned the Banquet festivities and lead the effort that provided the Reunion Booklet loaded with information about the Alumni and members.  She kept records of all activities during the two-year period and provided invaluable knowledge and leadership in the decision making process for the organization.

Myrtle Lofton Young – served as Treasurer for the Alumni for the period ending in 2011.  In addition to doing a superb job keeping our financial records, Sister Lofton played a key role in securing the vendors and facilities used during the 2011 Reunion.  Except for one occurrence where Myrtle attended a funeral of a family member, she holds the record for attending all Alumni meetings.  Her hard work, dedication and support to the Alumni were nothing short of exceptional.

Bettye Avery Fields – served as Assistant Treasurer and provided outstanding support in many other areas.  As chairperson for the Reunion Committee, Bettye provided the leadership in helping to plan a highly festive evening at Fun Nite.  She coordinated the majority of the scholarship activities during the 2009/2011 term and maintained a database for the Alumni with all of the contact information for members of MJHS.  This information was used in setting up our MJHS web site.

Robert Brown – served in a dual role as chairperson for our Health Committee and Chaplain for the Alumni.  All of our meetings began with a word of prayer and Robert ushered off to a good start.  As committee chairperson, he provided solid leadership and invaluable knowledge in the two health fairs conducted in Hughes.  He also provided the space for our regular meetings on several occasions and worked in various roles ensuring a successful 2011 Reunion.

Eunice Bradford Cox – served as chairperson for our Fund Raising Committee and worked incessantly in many other roles, as needed to assist the Alumni.  She spearheaded two successful fund raising efforts that included a raffle and finally the King and Queen contest that generated some much-needed funding for MJHS.  She managed the incoming mail to our P. O. Box and provided a log for all monies received by the Alumni in order to strengthen our financial/record keeping system.  In her own personal style, Eunice offered her insightful opinions on most of the decisions made for the Alumni. 

Bobbie Dawson Poe – served as chairperson for our Decorating Committee and multi-tasked throughout the two year term to help the Alumni in any way she could.  Bobbie also provided food and beverages for many of the meetings and was always available to help out.  Most notably, Bobbie and her team provided the warmth and hospitality that you felt when you entered the places where we held our activities during the 2011 Reunion.  Compliments can still be heard about how people enjoyed the decorations and layout during the Reunion.  She brought in two of her family members from out of town to help with the festivities.  Additionally, she managed the ordering and distribution of  T-shirts for the 2011 Reunion.

Bobbie Johnson Powell – served as co-chair for the Health Committee and worked with a high team spirit with many other activities.  She played a major role with the Health Fairs by offering her expertise and training in Yoga as well as sharing her knowledge about the effects of nutrition on the body.  Bobbie offered invaluable insight and support in the planning, decision-making and execution of the activities in the 2011 Reunion.  She also served as a class lead for the class of 1966 and worked constantly for more support from her class as well as others in the Alumni.

Mary Merkson Woodson – served as a volunteer and committee member during the two-year term.  Her quiet enduring support was absolute.  She was one of the donors who sponsored the field trip for Seniors and Youth from Hughes and maintained her support for the Alumni throughout.  She assisted with the decorating efforts displayed at the Reunion and provided us with the delicious wholesome meal enjoyed at the Meet and Greet.  Additionally she supported the Class of 1967 at our class reunion by preparing the meal at our banquet on closing night.

Sam Brown – served as an advocate, cheerleader and worker during the 2009/2011 term.  Sam made several trips home to attend our regular meetings, sat in on conference calls and made trips to cities in Michigan trying to get more participation in the Alumni.  He served as class lead for the class of 1968 and was available to assist wherever needed.  He arrived at the 2011 Reunion early, so that he could help with the work ahead of us.  He worked the entire three days carrying boxes, setting up tables or whatever was needed.  We were successful in 2011 because of Sam’s help and many others who volunteered their time unselfishly.

Doris Haynes Jeffries – provided invaluable support to the Alumni in many facets from afar.  Doris traveled to the Arkansas during the mid term at her own expense to help with the planning and decision-making for the 2011 Reunion.  In addition to being a class lead, she assisted with the development of the Reunion Booklet and the activities during the Banquet; specifically the crowning of the King & Queen as well as Remembering our classmates who are no longer here.  She represented the interest of the Chicago members in meetings and conference calls and provided a strong quiet leadership for the class of 1965.

John Merkson – served as a volunteer in a variety of roles throughout the two-year term from afar.  During the early months of the term, John drove home from Dallas, TX (at his own expense) to chauffer the second vehicle that was used in the field trip for Seniors and Youth from the Hughes community.  He attended several meetings, participated in a number of conference calls and agreed to serve on the scholarship committee with the responsibility to oversee the application and approval process.  John worked tirelessly during the three days of the 2011 Reunion and can be seen operating the popcorn machine on Fun Nite.

Mrs. Holmon – As Queen Mother and former Teacher at MJHS, she occupies a unique position within the Alumni.  Much of the historic information that is resident on our web site can be attributed to Mrs. Holmon.  She participated in our first health fair (picture attached) and shared a lot of wisdom about life and longevity.  She was an active member in the planning of the 2011 Reunion and served as Mistress of Ceremony during our assembly program at Hughes High School.  Mrs. Holmon continues to serve as Honorary member of our History Committee and is quick to tell everyone that her students at Mildred Jackson were the best!

Earl Moore – served in a variety of different roles to support the Alumni during the 2009/2011 term.  As one of the founders of the Alumni, Earl shared an abundance of information about the early history of the school and the personalities that helped shape our future.  His business knowledge and experience was crucial to our success in achieving the status of 501(c)(3).  We are hopeful that this new status will be one of the vehicles used in achieving funding for the large-scale charitable work that we are envisioning.  Earl’s leadership in and out of meetings continues to be an inspiration and a guide that will keep us grounded and constantly aware of our humble beginnings.

Gus Merkson – served in the capacity of advisor, supporter and volunteer during the 2009/2011 term.  As a distant participant, her provided outstanding leadership within the Class of 1965, counsel on various issues of concern with the direction of the Alumni and initiating key efforts aimed at moving the organization forward.  He also worked during the Reunion by helping to set up, move school pictures between locations, helping to supervise various activities and to assist wherever needed.  The MJHS Cruise (historic first) is an example of the leadership and impact of the Class of 1965 on the organization.

Malvin Merkson – As your presiding officer, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with some of my childhood friends to make the 2011 Reunion a memorable occasions.  It has been an honor to serve.